My Story

Can you imagine this. You dare to believe in your vision for your own life strong enough to go out there and actually make it happen. That’s what I’m trying to prove with my new facebook page. That what I did, and I want to make it again, for you, so you could believe that everyone can do this from scratch!

Just imaging that if you could generate an extraordinary income online while traveling around the world. Just because you took the time to help others succeed. I’m doing that now and will never stop, because I can feel freedom.

I’m just a little bit over a 30-year-old Baltic guy, having fun and helping hundreds of others to live the lifestyle of their choice. I’ve been at this for 2 years and few months, however let me start the journey from scratch again, why you ask? Because I WANT to prove this freedom is REAL, to all my friends and personally to YOU!

But before, let me tell you my story.

When I was a young boy dreaming about wealthy life with pockets full of money, my own house and supercars in garage, doing what I want and when I want, no matter of what I didn’t foresee the full-time job and low salary month-to-month, I bet you dreamed about the same, or almost the same. When I was 20 years old, friend of mine offered me a job in company where he worked full-time on position QA (Quality Assurance) Software Tester and I agreed.

Time was running away very fast a year after year while I climbed up over career ladder and now looking back it’s more than 10 years of hard-working in the same company doing nothing to help to get closer to my dreams. I start asking myself where is my wealthy life? Pockets full of Money? and Time Freedom? No answers in my head. I couldn’t believe that 10 years of working to someone, earning money to pay bills and eat food, eclipse all my dreams. Keep thinking that somewhere in future I will have everything I dreamed when I was young, but NO. This was just an excuse for me and I completely decided to change my life. And it worked.


I can assure you that First step is the hardest ever. And you are about to make it. Your life in your hands you can do everything you want, and I can help you.


If you continue to do what you’re always do, you wouldn’t meet your dreams. Take your first steps and invest in yourself, I would love to help you with that.


Let’s build a relationship over the days and weeks to come. Whatever your background of current life position or company. Again, I’m here to assist you while having as much FUN as possible along the way.


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